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House Fire? Tell Your Insurance You Prefer a Home Over a Hotel.

Picture it – you arrive home in a panic to find your apartment building, or home, engulfed in flames. Most of your belongings – some of which you have spent years accumulating – are destroyed. These kinds of situations happen often, and, of course, without warning.

Within hours, your peaceful way of life is turned upside down and you have to find suitable living arrangements for your family. Stressed to the maximum, you start perusing your options.

Your first thought is that an extended-stay hotel suite would be the wiser choice over a standard hotel room because they are better equipped to deal with your needs. But even extended-stay hotels are limited because they tend to be cramped and do not include multiple rooms, en-suite laundry or fully functioning kitchens. There’s literally no privacy and comfort for your family while dealing with the stress of leaving the home.  No matter how much you adore your pesky little sister, everyone is still crammed in one room for the duration of your stay.  

Most people don’t know this, but you can often request for your insurance company to put you up in temporary insurance housing in Mississauga, like Platinum Suites, which is much more comfortable and has ample services for your family’s needs. Even during viral outbreaks, such as what we are experiencing globally with COVID-19, disasters can happen and you need a company who can look after you quickly. Our furnished apartments for rent includes spacious executive suites. You can relax knowing that Platinum Suites will work directly with your insurance company to take care of everything, even temporary storage for your belongings.  Platinum Suites is your insurance housing solution! All you have to do is move in!

By Lisa Marie Brennan

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