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Where you are living in the world determines how you refer to alternative forms of accommodations, outside of your standard hotel room. Scroll through this glossary to see what furnished apartments for rent are referred to around the globe.

Aparthotel: The name of a company specializing in this type of accommodation, from a blend of apartamento ‘apartment’ and hotel. Used in Europe.

BHK Flats: This stands for the rental of Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen and is used in South Asia and throughout the Middle East.

2B: There are two bedrooms included.

2H: There are two Hall/Living room areas included.

2K: There are two kitchens included.

3BK: Three bedrooms, one hall and one kitchen are included.

4BK: Four bedrooms, one hall and one kitchen are included.

Guest House: These are found in major Asian cities – specifically in Japan. Guesthouses come as shared or private apartments with Asian-style or Western rooms.

Self-Catering: A home or cottage in Great Britain can be defined as a self- contained property offering clean, comfortable, furnished accommodation for visitors who are also provided with the means to prepare and cook their own meals.

Short-Stay Apartment: These are furnished, self-contained apartments that are rented for short periods of time, usually by the month as opposed to annual rentals in the unfurnished apartment rental market. It is an alternative to a hotel. The term is used globally, including Europe, Australia and North America. The apartments are usually equipped with kitchen essentials, a futon, phone and often a TV.

Short-Stay Rental Flats: A British term, referring to the rental of fully-furnished apartments.

Short-Term Apartment Rental / Short Term Furnished Apartment: A term commonly used in North America to describe fully furnished apartments for rent.

Home Away from Home Rental: A Home Away from Home rental is the renting out of a furnished apartment, house, or professionally managed resort-condominium complex on a temporary basis as an alternative to a hotel. It is a term usually used in North America.

Zimmer Apartments (ZKB): This stands for Zimmer, Kuch, Bad (Bed, Kitchen and Bathroom), which are short-term rentals in Germany.

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