Basement Floods Left Many Homeless. Here’s the Hotel Suite Alternative They Didn’t Tell Us About.

Basement Floods Left Many Homeless. Here’s the Hotel Suite Alternative They Didn’t Tell Us About.

It was a moment in time we won’t soon forget. The heavy rains falls in Toronto and Mississauga in June, 2013, flooded many people’s homes. The Greater Toronto Area received a record 126 mm of rain, setting an all-time one-day rainfall record. The inclement weather backed up sewers and left drivers stranded in their vehicles in flooded roadways. 80 percent of homes lost power.  It was a disaster.

With climate change being the new norm (need proof? Insurance companies are reassessing home insurance risk), do you feel ready to deal with what could come next? What if water pours into the basement you’re renting and floods it? Are you aware of what your insurance policy covers?

No one wants to think about disaster coverage when the weather is nice, but it’s important to remember the same weather patterns that make November unseasonably warm, sometimes are the same ones that bring a polar vortex or sudden precipitation.

Insurance companies are well aware of this, which is why coverage is changing all the time. In addition to discovering what is protected in emergency situations, ask if you are covered for temporary housing if such an event should happen. Having to relocate during an emergency can be very stressful on you and your family. Perhaps you have children who don’t adjust well to change. Your husband may have a strict gluten allergy and you are worried about having to eat at restaurants that may or may not accommodate his needs.

Let your claims specialist know that you prefer to have your family stay in furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga, such as Platinum Suites, with en-suite laundry and full kitchens. They are located in the downtown core, across from Square One Shopping Centre.

In a furnished rental, your family can live day to day as close to the way you were living before the disaster struck – in comfort and safety.

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