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Living with a Reno is Not Worth the Stress

Divorce. A new job. Moving. These are all major stressors in one’s life. But there’s one missing: renovations. Yes, renovations are considered by some experts to be among the top 5 stressful events in life.

Life during a reno is plain awful. Sure, you could tough it out and stay in your home while it’s been fixed up, but you can appreciate the challenges in doing so. Depending on the extent of the reno, construction workers will be coming in and out of your home all day. You’ll have to deal with the noise, and inhale the fumes and dust caused by the work. Sometimes it may be too dangerous to stay because the machinery and materials that are being used could cause physical injury, especially to young children or those with health issues.

Instead of exposing your family to such an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation, it may be best to temporarily vacate your home. If you don’t have friends or family nearby, or cringe at the thought of spending a few days with your mother-in-law, it’s time to look for a hotel, right? You can talk to your insurance company about hotel suites for reno stays, but there is a better and more affordable alternative for when you need a place to stay: Platinum Suites.

These furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga offer way more perks! You’ll get a full-sized kitchen, which allows you to save money and eat in for the duration of your stay. If any of your family members have specific dietary restrictions, you won’t have the challenge of finding safe meals in a restaurant.

You’ll get a washer and dryer in your suite, eliminating bothersome trips to the laundromat. Best of all, you’ll be right in the heart of downtown Mississauga —a bustling city in the Greater Toronto Area.

When the need arises, talk to your insurance company about putting your family up at Platinum Suites for a short term stay in our insurance housing in Mississauga. Our temporary insurance housing will help you to feel as comfortable as you would at home.  

By Lisa Marie Brennan

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