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Top 5 Ice Cream Shops In Mississauga

Summer is here and Mississauga residents are setting out to enjoy the local sights. How about having something cool to beat the heat. I’m talking about ice cream, of course! Mississauga has no shortage of ice cream parlours to enjoy this icy treat with others or by yourself.  But where is the best place to go? Put on your explorer caps, because we’re cruising several hometown locations that you will want to indulge in while staying at our furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga. 

Murphy’s Ice Cream Parlor

Dipped Waffle cones, gluten-free varieties and doggie ice cream? Murphy’s ice cream parlor will want you to share the experience. Located at Streetsville square, Murphy’s establishment has remained popular and in demand for 40 years! There is no need to start simple — the staff allows you to customize your order based on what they offer. Over the years, Murphy’s has expanded its menu beyond ice cream with hard and soft serve ice cream, gourmet toppings and a variety of coffee drinks. Summer is at its peak, so don’t hesitate to come to Streetsville Square and treat yourself to dessert built just for you! 

Check out their Instagram page and as a Chocolate lover myself, try out their Double-Fudge Brownie Sundae. It’s an extravagant treat to satisfy.  

Scoops Ice Cream 

Ever want to feel Parisian but lack time for travel? Find yourself a seat at Scoops Ice cream shop and do some people- watching while tasting one of their artisan creations. It may seem like a little hole in the wall, but it certainly has its fans as crowds are usually present whenever I come by on special occasions. It’s worth the wait though, as along with the yummy varieties, the staff are very friendly and provide excellent customer service. After getting your treat, I suggest a nice walk around the Port Credit streets and feel like a local. Go for the pistachio ice cream with the made-to-order waffle cone. 

La Diperie

An ice cream shop is fine on its own, or you can carve your own path and include favorite Canadian treats like donuts, indulgent cakes and ice cream cakes. The La Diperie Shop on Queen Street in Mississauga looks cute on the outside with a mint blue- themed colour on their shoe box shop, until a person goes inside and gets sidelined by the number of options available! You have your soft serve with crumb toppings or indulge in the three-scoop ice cream combo! Not a fan of head freeze? How about some mini donuts? You can choose between three different flavours, including cinnamon- sugar. They are available in a dozen, two dozen, 36 and even the show- stopping party box (which has 66) There are the regular-size donuts which are filled or topped with classics like peanut butter or decadent tiramisu. Who knew such a small place could pack so many goodies! But alas, we are here for ice cream! I couldn’t decide which, so I recommend the titular dessert covered with Belgian milk chocolate, almonds, and caramel syrup. And because I am a kid at heart, The Kid at Heart special.

The Loop Creamery 

Okay, it’s a bit of a cheat, but Etobicoke is close enough to make this stop very worthwhile. In fact, go on the Etobicoke trail and make the Loop Creamery your finish line for a satisfying grand prize. First, let me warn you, it’s not “ice cream,” though the base of most traditional ice creams starts with a custard. Made in small batches and utilizing a specialized freezing method makes their frozen treats much creamer. It is proven to resonate well with customers, awarding the parlour a 4.1 on Google. Check out their Strawberry Pop Tart: sweet and crumbly. If you are like me, you immediately are nostalgic of your elementary days.

Pinochi Ice Cream

Ready to spend time in the Middle East? Pinochi Ice Cream is like stepping into a Turkish eatery, where there are more than 10 flavored ice creams and freshly handmade Arabic Ice Cream with pistachio made right in store. They offer an extensive menu, filled with fruit-laden dishes! One of their signature treats is surprisingly the fruit salad! It looks so decadent and guilt-tripping; with a fruit base of 5-6 different fruits, including add-ons like strawberry ice cream, chocolate bars, honey and pistachio Nutella!! It’s a worthwhile trip. Located around Clarkson and Erin Mills.

Let the fun begin! While staying at our short term rentals in Mississauga, don’t hesitate to indulge in some tasty treats as well. What are some ice cream stores that you are crazy about? Share your story on your favorite media platform and remember to mention us. Enjoy!

By Olivia Appiah-Kubi

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