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Top Scenic Parks in Mississauga

By Lisa Marie Brennan

At quick glance, Mississauga appears to be like any big city — congested and bustling. Simply put, a concrete jungle. But this city of more than 700,000 people has a lot of tranquil nature escapes if you know where to look. Here’s just a glimpse of how much greenery one can find.  

Lakeshore Promenade Park/Harbourfont

This scenic harbourfront is nestled in quaint Port Credit – one of Mississauga’s oldest pockets. It’s here that I’m most reminded of lazy summers in Cape Cod. Enjoy long walks along the pretty harbourfront while taking in the sounds of the rushing water, children laughing and birds flying above. When you’re hungry, grab a bite to eat at Snug Harbour restaurant, with its breathtaking view of the lake. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to visit the city’s working lighthouse. See the website for details.

Fairwinds Park 

This community nautical-themed park at Eglinton Ave. & Fairwind Dr. had its official grand opening in late May 2022 and is truly unique. It features tennis courts, basketball courts, a natural wetland, and an adventure playground that includes a lighthouse and a pirate ship. A small beach hut with live-edge benches is a gathering space for young children.

Kariya Park

This beautiful park is situated right in the heart of downtown Mississauga, within walking distance of the Square One Shopping Centre. The park was officially opened in July 1992, honouring the eleventh anniversary of our twin-city relationship with Kariya , Japan. Take in the array of sweet-smelling pine, gingko, sweetgum trees and rhododendrons as you roam the tranquil pond, stroll garden, and hill garden. Kariya Park is certainly a mix of various forms of Japanese gardens all rolled into one. Click here for more information. Kariya Park is walking distance from your rental apartment at Platinum Suites! Here is more about what is in the area.

Erindale Park

This is the largest park in the city and features five picnic areas, five barbecues, six comfort stations, a playground and opportunities for fishing, hiking and canoeing. Active outdoor activities can be enjoyed year-round here. Take your time walking through the David J. Culham Trail. Sometimes one can spot deer and other wildlife and catch breathtaking views of the Credit River. Bird watchers will truly be in Heaven as they look for their favourite feathered friends.  See here for more information about location and parking.

While you stay with us, ask your Platinum Suites customer service expert how to get around, and how to enjoy the beauty of Mississauga. Our furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga are right in the heart of the city.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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