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Relocating When You Live Car-Free in the ‘Burbs

For the first time in your life, not having your driver’s license is a real concern. Up to now, you’ve always managed to live in a convenient, accessible and walkable neighbourhood in Mississauga. You rarely have to ask family or friends for rides because grocery shopping and plazas are close by. If you ever needed to get around to somewhere further in the Greater Toronto Area, a bus stop is just steps away.

Yesterday, your basement apartment was flooded and you suddenly need to seek refuge outside of your home. Finding a place that’s accessible for someone without a licence can be tricky. You need to be able to easily access public transit so you can get to your job in Toronto. With the weather getting colder, convenience practically trumps comfort in terms of where you will stay until your apartment is dry and safe to return.

After spending some time on the phone with your insurance company, to see what you’re covered for during emergency situations, they recommend Platinum Suites –furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga designed for short term stays. The greatest thing about Platinum Suites for you, is location. They are conveniently located in downtown Mississauga, so you won’t have to look for alternative ways to get to and from work. Another perk is en-suite laundry, so you can avoid making the trek to a coin laundromat carrying loads of dirty clothes – in winter, to boot. These are all bonuses in your book and you feel relieved that during an extremely stressful time in your life, some things don’t have to change.

By Lisa Marie Brennan

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