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Emergency Housing: Where Will You Stay During A Home Disaster? Why A Hotel Won’t Cut It.

2016 will be memorable for a lot of not-so-great reasons, but if you lived in Mississauga, Ontario, there was an event that locals will always remember: The day a whole city block shook to its foundations.

One house exploded on Hickory Drive, a quiet suburban street, in a blast that sent debris flying high into the sky and shattering windows several blocks away. Luckily very few people were hurt.

Many families were left wondering when they would be allowed back in their homes (dozens were deemed unfit to live in due to structural damage). Even now, months later, dozens of people are living with friends or family, or they have been put up in hotels. Some stayed with short term rentals such as Platinum Suites.

Platinum Suites is the solution to the problem of affordable extended stays in Mississauga because a family can carry on normal life as much as possible. Many insurance adjusters and adjudicators are unaware that furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga (known as Furnished Suites) are an option as opposed to hotel suites, so policyholders are advised to ask specifically about this option, which provides these advantages over hotels:

  • Families can cook their own meals and shop locally, saving money for both the client and the insurance company.
  • Controlling meals means better health for the family
  • The areas around the rental suites are walkable and close to everything a family needs
  • The monthly rates for rental apartment suites are lower than hotels.
  • Families have privacy and separate rooms, and can access many different amenities to make life as comfortable as possible for everyone.
  • Storage is available in the building, and residents can get help with moving it.

For more information on Platinum Suites for Insurance Stays, please go to this link.

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