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Life as a Freelancer when Disaster Forces You into a Hotel – With Kids

You chew the end of your pen in frustration and look around you. The kids have cabin fever and are tearing the place apart in boredom. Your creativity as a writer has been completely stifled working in these cramped conditions. With deadlines looming over your head, all you need is a little bit of peace to be alone and write.

When you agreed to your last writing project, you didn’t think your life was going to be like this.

Hindsight really is 20/20. Things changed drastically a few days ago when a tree fell during a freak storm, destroying your Mississauga home. A quick call to your insurance company found your distressed family in a cramped extended-stay suite for an undetermined amount of time. The place is clean enough, but the lack of space is a real problem. It’s small, with a bed for your husband and yourself and a sofa bed for the kids. What you needed was multiple rooms, so you could have a quiet place to do your work.

Watching your kids jump from bed to couch is far from a suitable work environment.

After spending some more time researching your options, you come across an ad for Platinum Suites – fully furnished apartment rental suites that are comfortable and spacious. They offer multiple rooms, so you can achieve the privacy you so desperately need while on deadline. And with location right in the heart of downtown Mississauga, you’d be right near an amazing library to get some extra worktime in.

It’s time to give your insurance company a call back and see if you can look into this promising option.
By Lisa Marie Brennan

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