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What Does a Recipe Tester do When She has Lost her Kitchen?

Your entire career rides on the fact that you have access to a fully functional kitchen. After all, you’re a freelance recipe tester and your “office” is your kitchen. Last week, an electrical fire caused your entire Mississauga bungalow to be destroyed. You not only lost a lot of your precious belongings, but your beautiful workspace went up in flames.

Although it’s devastating on many levels, what worried you most was how to maintain productivity during a disaster. As a freelancer, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid, and setting up a makeshift office in a coffee shop as you have seen others do every morning wasn’t going to cut it for you. What if your insurance company placed you in an extended-stay establishment that merely had a little kitchenette with a microwave? Testing recipes requires a lot of room and access to a complete kitchen. A microwave and a hot plate are useless for testing gourmet international recipes.

Thankfully, your insurance company recommends Platinum Suites — fully furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga that include a fully functioning kitchen. There, you could move seamlessly from your home to Platinum Suites and have little to no interruption to your work schedule. With deadlines looming, this was a huge relief and one less headache you had to worry about during one of the most stressful times in your life.
By Lisa Marie Brennan

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