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Beware Of Vacation Rental Scams

A short term furnished rental, without question, is the best option when considering an accommodation for one’s travels.  With all of the free advertisement and listing websites, it is quite easy to find a rental accommodation in all major cities.  Although one will find many legitimate and professional short term providers, these free listing sites have also opened up avenues for scam artists to con unsuspecting travelers into paying deposits and rent for properties that don’t exist.  This upsurge in rental scams surely cannot be ignored.  Thus, we advise that before booking your next furnished rental, conduct some research on the provider or company to ensure their legitimacy.  The points below will help you with your research.

Here are a couple of ways to avoid short term rental scams.

Be wary of middlemen or 3rd party agents: There have been many instances where a 3rd party agent appears as a representative of the furnished rental provider.  These 3rd party con artists are very savvy and will exhaust all resources in order to win over the trust of the customer.  It can be very easy to be trapped in the web of lies strewn by these smooth talking scam artists.    Hence, it is always advisable that you do not exchange any fees or advance rent without doing a thorough background check of the company and their qualifications.

 Refrain from monetary wire transfers with unknown providers: Remember, if you are ever asked to transfer funds via wire transfer, approach with caution.  This would be the time to do a thorough background check.  Calling all phone numbers provided, checking the company website, and emailing other staff on the website are a few precautionary steps that can be taken to ensure the providers legitimacy.  Unless you have dealt with the provider before, and are 100% certain of their legitimacy, avoid making any deposits or payments through wire transfers.

 Avoid using cash: Be wary of any providers insisting on rental payments to be made by cash.  This could be a scam.  Legitimate rental providers will be flexible with methods of payment and will offer many ways to make payment.  Anyone insisting on a specific method of payment, regardless of your requests for alternative methods, is most likely not a legitimate provider and performing a con.  Always ensure that you are given a receipt from the provider anytime cash is exchanged.

 Schedule appointments for showings: Don’t be pressured into renting a suite from a provider who insists there is no time to view the suite.  Ensure you do your due diligence when selecting a furnished suite and if applicable schedule an appointment to meet the provider in person and view the suite.  A scam artist will try anything and everything to convince you that a showing is not required.  It is important to remember that showings for furnished rentals is an industry standard and anyone trying to convince you elsewise is most likely not a legitimate provider.

 Be suspicious of free e-mail domains: One clear sign of a scam is a provider whose companies’ e-mail ID is a free e-mail domain.  No credible and established furnished provider would opt for a free e-mail domain.  Thus, it is always important to view all e-mail domains critically when in discussions with a potential rental provider.

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