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7 Great Chinese Restaurants in Mississauga

Are you a lover of Chinese cuisine?  If yes, you have landed at the right page. This article lists great Chinese restaurants in Mississauga. The Chinese offerings of the restaurants in Mississauga would surely impress you with its variety. Be it the fusion dishes or the clay pot rice with steamed vegetables or for that matter the dishes like dim sum and roasted duck, you can get the wide array of offerings in the Chinese restaurants of Mississauga city.  In short, during your stay at our furnished rental, you can have your favorite cuisine in some of the best restaurants of the city.

Here’s a list of the top Chinese restaurants in Mississauga


Emerald Chinese Restaurant: This restaurant is located at the Mississauga downtown with an excellent ambience.  Emerald Chinese restaurant is well known for its delectable combination of dumpling and spring roll.  You can gorge on the delicious preparations of this restaurant in a pocket friendly price. As for the restaurants extravagant menu is concerned, yes, the prices are hefty however, the delicious taste of its offerings surely makes it all the worth of a splurge.


Tremendous Chinese Restaurant: This place is highly recommended for the late night party goers. This restaurant is quite popular as one of best late night spots. The menu of this restaurant boasts of some lip smacking chicken balls, fried rice and tentacles. The flawless service of its servers would surely leave you impressed.


Ming’s Golden China:  This restaurant is for all those people who love brightly lit ambiance exuding grandeur. Undoubtedly your taste buds would rejoice with the amazing taste of crispy beef and crispy fried chicken it offers.Chiuchow-Man-Chinese-Restaurant

Sam Woo: Sam Woo certainly deserves a place in the list for the scrumptious Chinese preparation. As for the atmosphere of this place is concerned; rest assured, you will enjoy a good time for its neat environment. This restaurant can be a good choice for both family and couples. Do not miss  its General Tao’s chicken- the awesome taste of this dish would surely be able to content your taste buds.Axia-Restaurant

Axia Restaurant: This restaurant indeed is one of the best dining options for the fusion dishes lovers. Do not forget to order the delectable Lemon Grass Pork Chop that its menu offers. This restaurant is a perfect place to choose for a good dine-out with folks.


Noodle Wok: Noodle wok is one of the cheapest and most amazing Chinese options for the people who prefer takeout meal. It might not be an upscale restaurant but this place can surely make an impression with their delicious menu. As far as the service is concerned, it’s quick and satisfactory.Chiuchow-Man-Chinese-Restaurant

Chiu Chow Man Chinese Restaurant: Its open door kitchen simply enhances the whole ambience of the place. Chiu Chow Man would be an apt pick if you want to try assortment of Chinese dishes. With its set menu along with daily specials, this place would surely make you relish all the dishes.

You can try out some or all of these picks next time you are in town. Platinum suites are located in downtown Mississauga and are quite close to some of the best Chinese restaurants that you can find in the city.

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