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11 Points to consider when selecting a furnished apartment.

Deciding on a furnished apartment implies checking on small, but important factors. When viewing an apartment to reside, ensure the amenities and the required lifestyle features in the apartment augment your convenience and comfort. Here is a checklist to consider before initiating your short-term rental apartment hunt.

Fully Equipped Kitchen ­– Does the kitchen come fully stocked with appliances, utensils and dinnerware/cutlery? For your short term stay make sure that the kitchen is equipped with everything that would enable you to comfortably prepare your food and entertain your guests.
Individual Thermostat – Is there individual control over the apartment temperature thermostat or will you have to depend on the landlord/ building management to control the air conditioning or heating?

Windows – Do windows open properly and are they strong with enabled security features especially if you are at the ground floor?

Closet Space and Storage – Does your closet have adequate space to store your belongings and are you able to reach the cabinets and shelves comfortably?

Washer and Dryer – Does the apartment even have an in-suite washer-dryer? How big is the size, will it handle at a time a couple of jeans or large towels or blankets? In case, the laundry rooms are common, understand the cost, check the room and note if there are broken machines.

Electrical System – Check for enough outlets to fit electronics in convenient locations. Some old apartments may lack features for the new electronics, so without fail check it.

High Speed Internet – Does the apartment come with a complimentary Wifi Internet connection that is fast enough for all your needs? If it’s a wired connection only, would you be able to use your tablets?

Pest Control – A must activity, check for bedbugs, mice and cockroaches by entering the building on the bedbug registry or simply do a google search with the building name and address.

Parking – Is the parking free with indoor access? Also ensure if there is sufficient visitor parking for your guests. Check for your car fit by visiting the parking slot allotted to you. Check for safety and security features.

Package Delivery – Does the apartment have a concierge office to deliver packages or every time you have to check with the post office to collect it?

Maintenance – Is there a maintenance crew on-site and is it available 24/7?

There is a need to consider these factors before deciding on an apartment so that you are comfortable. Carefully go through this list and avert any premature move expense. Do not decide on the first apartment you come across, take some time to understand the details and go with the checklist. In this way you will not miss important things and at the same time, you will have all the essential amenities ensuring your comfort.

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