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Mississauga Attractions

During your stay at our furnished rental, we want you to have a great experience.Here’s a brief guide to places of interest when you want to step out of your furnished rental in Mississauga.

Port Credit

Port Credit: Port credit is certainly worth visiting.Located at the 10 minutes distance from Mississauga Centre, this amazing placecan offer you a great lakeside experience.There is a waterfront where you can enjoy a stroll around the lake and view the boats.The beauty of Lake Ontario, lakeside parks with sandy beaches and numerous restaurants in the vicinity of port credit makes it a desirable destination.


Lake Aquitaine Park

Lake Aquitaine Park:Though we provide a fully well equipped gymnasium, however if you are one of those people who love their cycling out in the open and walking trails, then certainly Lake Aquitaine Park is one of the best places to visit for you during your stay at platinum suites in Mississauga.


Square one mall

Square one mall: Square one is located at the heart of the Mississauga downtown and is one of the biggest malls in the province.For shopaholics, square one mall certainly can be touted as the one stop destination. Moreover, the best part is, the mall is positioned direct across platinum suites hence there would be no high travel expenditure if you choose to stay at our furnished rental in Mississauga.


Bradley Museum

Bradley Museum: A visit to Bradley Museum would certainly leave you with an incredible experience. Though the place is tiny in scale but can prove to be quite informative about the local history of Mississauga.Undoubtedly, Bradley museum is a beautiful structure and an ideal place to visit.



Riverwood: Riverwood is indeed a special place in Mississauga, where the beautiful blend of history, nature and art can be witnessed. A visit to this place would surely leave with you with a pleasant and memorable outdoor experience. Located in the centre of the city, Riverwood reflects the vast cultural significance of Mississauga. Here visitors can find more than 475 species of plants and animals. The scenic view of Riverwood would certainly make you fall in love with the place. A visit to this place would surely offer you a lasting memory of its beautiful nature.


Art Gallery of Mississauga

Art Gallery of Mississauga: For Art lovers, we have The Art gallery of Mississauga just a quick stroll from Platinum Suites. It is a smaller gallery but has a new exhibition any time you would visit it. There is also a trendy café situated in the same building so you can grab a coffee on the way out.

Do visit our Mississauga attractions next time you are here. Platinum suites are located in downtown Mississauga and at the center of it all surrounded by trendy restaurants, cafes, festive city parks and tourist attractions.

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