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Where Entrepreneurs Should Stay While Considering Mississauga

As a small business owner, I had set my sights on Mississauga as the city to increase my chances of entrepreneurial success. This jewel of the Greater Toronto Area is a diverse hub of business opportunities and getting to know what the city had to offer before planting roots was essential.

When planning a stay in the city, and to get a better feel for the area, I stayed at Platinum Suites.  These furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga caught my eye, above other extended-stay establishments, for one key reason: location. Platinum Suites is located right in the heart of downtown Mississauga. It is just minutes from Square One, the second largest shopping centre in Canada, City Hall, Celebration Square, and the tons of local businesses and restaurants. In a nutshell, this is where the action is.

When I’m travelling to a new location and meeting clients, convenience is everything. I don’t want to worry about commuting all over a bustling, unfamiliar city – especially in inclement weather. Mississauga is large and traffic is inevitable, so any opportunity to walk a short distance to a business meeting is preferable over getting in my car.  

The other defining factor was the spacious units.  If the weather is bad, I have the option of entertaining a client in my own suite at the kitchen table. I can order takeout, or prepare a freshly cooked homemade meal through the convenience of a full kitchen. A private boardroom is also available if I need to accommodate more than a few guests.

On my last business trip, I forgot my printer at home. I was in a panic. The same thing happened again at Platinum Suites, and I was able to borrow one for the duration of my stay, as well as a copier. The convenience, comfort and professionalism made my business trip to Mississauga a stress-free one and I’m looking forward to future visits to the Greater Toronto Area to set some roots down.


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