Airbnb WiFi Woes Disrupted my Business Trip

//Airbnb WiFi Woes Disrupted my Business Trip

Airbnb WiFi Woes Disrupted my Business Trip

I have never been a fan of hotel settings. They’re noisy, bustling, and if you’re unlucky enough to have a family with children in the room next to you, you’re in for a sleepless night.

Given the nature of my work, I frequent hotels more than I’d like. I’m an entrepreneur and am back and forth to the Greater Toronto Area a few times a year. After the last incident in a hotel, where I listened to screaming children running up and down the halls all night, I decided to look for a quieter alternative for my next business venture.

Airbnb for business travel looked promising. Instead of a hotel, I could rent the quiet room of somebody’s home, and have some peace for the duration of my stay. I was really excited about my trip to Mississauga because of this. The house I settled on was at the end of a quiet, tree-lined street, tucked away from a busy intersection.   I had good vibes about this peer-on-peer rental service I decided to take a chance on.

It wasn’t long before things began to unfold, and not for the noisy reasons I thought.

As a business traveller, a reliable Wi-Fi connection is crucial to the success of my business and communication with clients. When I had settled in for the evening on the first night of my stay, I noticed the password for Wi-Fi was not working. The owner of the house was not around and I was forced to do my work in a local restaurant that had free Wi-fi available. It was a huge inconvenience. When I finally did get the password sorted out the next day, the Internet connection would fail intermittently throughout my stay. If that wasn’t bad enough, every time I made a call on my cell phone, the connection was so terrible that the calls kept dropping. I soon realized that a reliable Internet connection cannot be guaranteed in someone’s home, unlike an establishment.

When I returned home a few days later, I mentioned my experience to a friend. He told me about Platinum Suites – fully-furnished, extended-stay apartment rental suites in the heart of downtown Mississauga. He reassured me that Platinum Suites have spacious units with multiple rooms. Because of this, I’d have less chance of hearing noise than if I was in a one-bedroom hotel room.  

The best part is they are designed for extended stays, so business needs such as Wi-Fi, privacy and conference rooms are available at Platinum Suites. Business trips can contribute to a company’s growth, but only if the traveller benefits from the visit. The next time I venture to Mississauga, I will look into staying at Platinum Suites.

By Lisa Marie Brennan

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