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We are Your Insurance Housing Solution When Disaster Strikes

This has certainly been a year of extremes, and weather is no exception. After two weeks of scorching hot and humid weather, the Greater Toronto Area got hit with some flash flooding last week that wreaked havoc all around the region.

Ironically, it was seven years to the day that we had even heavier rain falls in Toronto and Mississauga in June, 2013 that flooded many people’s homes. The inclement weather backed up sewers and left drivers stranded in their vehicles in flooded roadways and residents were left displaced when their homes flooded. It was a disaster.

Natural disasters such as this are happening more and more. Are you prepared to deal with what could come next? What if water pours into the basement you’re renting and floods it? Are you aware of what your insurance policy covers, or where to turn to find insurance housing in Mississauga?

Insurance companies are well aware of this, which is why coverage is changing all the time. In addition to discovering what is protected in emergency situations, ask if you are covered for insurance housing in Mississauga, if such an event should happen. Having to relocate and uproot your family during an emergency situation can be beyond stressful. 

Let your claims specialist know that you prefer to have your family stay in our insurance housing in Mississauga. Platinum Suites works directly with your insurance company for all charges. All you have to do is move in! 

Platinum Suites provides temporary emergency housing in Mississauga and offers convenient features such as en-suite laundry and a full kitchen in each suite. Do you have a picky child who only wants her mom’s homemade cooking at suppertime? Our central location in Mississauga’s downtown core (near Square One Shopping Centre) provides easy access to grocery stores of all kinds so you can cook a healthful and delicious meal for your family during your time with us. 

During your stay in our furnished rental apartments in Mississauga, your family can live day to day as close to the way you were living before the disaster struck – in comfort and in safety. Platinum Suites is your insurance housing solution.

Platinum Suites Team

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