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The Best Middle Eastern Grocery Stores in Mississauga

It’s no surprise that Middle Eastern food is as popular as it is today. Steeped in history and tradition, Middle Eastern cuisine offers plenty of fresh, wholesome, healthy, flavourful dishes.

These dishes don’t need to be enjoyed at a restaurant only. In Mississauga, there are plenty of grocery stores to shop at when looking for the best ingredients to make your own Middle Eastern food. Here are some of the best Middle Eastern grocery stores in the city:

Al-Quds Market (3355 Hurontario Street Unit 8 Mississauga)

Besides conventional grocery items and produce, expect plenty of Halal certified meat including fresh chicken, lamb, beef, veal, goat and sheep.

Al-Quds is also well known for its tropical fruits and vegetables, imported dry goods, frozen ready-made Arabic foods, nuts and snacks – and above all, affordable prices.

Adonis (1240 Eglinton Ave. W., Mississauga)

Get ready for your taste buds to salivate from the moment you step inside Adonis! With influences from Middle Eastern, Lebanese and Mediterranean cultures, the store offers a grocery experience unlike any other. Its wide selection of flavourful options and helpful assistance from staff will make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

Al-Nejmah (3085 Hurontario Street, Mississauga)

With its wide selection of flaky pastries, fresh fruit and veggies and tender cuts of  Halal meat are worth a trip to this grocery store/restaurant. And if you don’t feel like preparing a meal, treat yourself to masgouf, with rice and salad, and top it off with some sweet Pistachio Balava for dessert.

Sure, Mississauga offers a lot of options when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine. But when you want to make this type of cuisine from scratch in the comfort of your own home, the local Middle Eastern grocery stores described above make it easy! Platinum Suites believes in making your life as easy as possible, too. Our short term rentals are the perfect place to accommodate out of town family and guests. Contact us today to pre-book an upcoming stay at one of the best furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga!

By Sarah McKenzie

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