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Sorry Kids, Insurance Housing Doesn’t Have to Mean Junk Food

A few days ago, your family’s lives changed forever when falling trees from high winds caused extensive damage to the interior and exterior of your Greater Toronto Area home. With massive renovations needed, you and your husband decided the best thing was to stay elsewhere while your home was repaired. It certainly was not a suitable living environment for two children.

Long discussions with your insurance company landed your family in a hotel for an undetermined amount of time. In the moment, you were so panicked that you really didn’t understand what your family’s needs would be during your time away from home. Sure, this place was comfortable enough, but comfort was about the only thing you and your husband thought of as important at the time. Food should have been an equally important goal, considering you and your husband spent all of last year trying very hard to lose weight.

You have a little kitchenette with a microwave, and although that’s okay for heating up some TV dinners, you’re growing weary of eating less than subpar. Your kids are delighted by all the convenience food, but inside you’re cringing at how depleted your diets have become. It’s also getting expensive eating most meals out, or ordering in.

A little research leads you to a website for Platinum Suites – furnished apartments for rent in Mississauga. They look clean and comfortable, but what catches your eye is that they include a fully functioning kitchen. A perk like this would not only help you save money during your stay, but would allow your family to get back on track with dietary needs – much to the kids’ dismay!

By Lisa Marie Brennan

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