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How to Have Fun During the Super Bowl – Even If You Don’t Like Football

Besides a quality TV, great snacks and drinks are typically all that’s needed to please a Super Bowl watching football fan. But for people who aren’t into football, there are ways to make the game more fun to watch!

Here are five great ideas to create excitement during the Super Bowl for the not-so-big football fans.

Rate the Commercials

For many, the commercials during the Super Bowl are more enjoyable than the game itself. So why not make the commercials even more fun by rating them?

Before the game starts, have guests get crafty and design their own signs using markers, paints and/or stickers. Include a score out of three on the signs with one being dislike (or “change the channel”) and three being amazing (or “Youtube sensation”). Prepare yourself for a little friendly fighting as different points of view are shared!

Get Competitive

It’s always fun to play game – especially if a prize is involved!

Before the Super Bowl begins, give your guests a questionnaire including questions such as “how will it take for the singer to perform the National Anthem” and “who will make the first goal?” Make the answers multiple choice so that guests who have no football knowledge can still play along.

Paper Football LEGO Game

Are kids coming to your Super Bowl party?

Especially if they’re young, it may be hard to keep children occupied so that you can enjoy the game. A paper football LEGO game can be the perfect way to keep kids busy and staying out of trouble!

Set up two different stations including one with a selection of LEGO pieces and one with paper products. Use the LEGO to create goal posts and fake turf. Fold paper into small triangles before decorating them to look like footballs. Once everything’s assembled, have the kids play their own game of football either on their own or against each other.

The game’s a great way to keep kids busy without watching screens.

Football Charades

Charades is always fun and can be suited to any theme. Prepare a bunch of words and phrases related to football including cheerleader, helmet, coach, beer and touchdown and put them into a bowl. Divide your guests into two teams and then have one person at a time act out a word that they’ve selected from the bowl.

To keep the game limited to commercial breaks, use a timer. Each time a team guesses correctly within the allotted time, award a point. The team that guesses the most words correctly wins.

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By Sarah McKenzie

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