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Top Japanese Restaurants in Mississauga

From tangy miso soup, to ramen and tantalizing sushi, it’s not difficult to see why Westerners have embraced Japanese food. And who wouldn’t! Traditional Japanese diets are low in calories, high in nutrients and simply delicious. 

Mississauga is home to many wonderful Japanese restaurants. While staying at our monthly furnished rentals in Mississauga, you can do takeout and delivery from the following Japanese restaurants and enjoy some delicious food in the comforts of your own spacious suite. Or, you can dine in. 

Iron Chef (4920 Tomken Rd., Unit 5) 

Iron Chef is the first Teppanyaki and Sushi restaurant in Mississauga. In normal circumstances, you would have the delight of watching chefs use the iron grill to cook food right in front of you. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, diners won’t get this same experience right now, but you can still enjoy the wonderful flavours Iron Chef has to offer. We suggest the deluxe Bento boxes and the Caterpillar roll (Eel, avocado and cucumber topped with avocado slices) 

As a bonus, they’re currently offering 10% off all takeout orders. 

Heart Sushi (815 Brittania Rd. E.)

Bring your appetite with you to Heart Sushi, because the variety is endless and includes Korean and Thai favourites as well. Some popular dishes are the Dynamite Hand Roll, which includes shrimp tempura with avocado Japanese mayo, as well as the Japanese Dumpling. Be sure to save room for sweet lychee mousse. 

Hinote Sushi Restaurant 720 Bristol Rd. W.

This restaurant is small in size and big on flavour. The focus is clearly on quality, rather than pumping out subpar sushi. Hinote is best known for its Spicy Salmon Roll and Seafood Yaki Udon. 

Sushi Masamune 200 Dixie Road, Mississauga

If you like big portions, this restaurant is for you. Sushi Masamune serves fresh sushi and a great selection of Japanese izakaya dishes. Don’t forget to try the Tamago Roll (Japanese sweet omelette), and the lightly battered soft-shell crab in ponzu sauce.

With its central location in the city’s core, Platinum Suites is located close to many of the above restaurants.  Pre-book a stay at our relocation housing in Mississauga and experience some of the best Japanese food the city has to offer. 

By Lisa Marie Brennan

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