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The Wonder of Odysseo by Cavalia

By Lisa Marie Brennan

The sweet sound of hooves galloping through valleys and deserts. The sight of equestrian beauty at every turn. The thrill of watching theatrical effects that push the limits in every sense of the word. This and so much more is what you can expect from Odysseo by Cavalia in its debut run in Mississauga on June 21st.

Known as the world’s largest touring production, this $30-million theatrical extravaganza is truly a feast for the eyes. The show, running since 2011, features 65 beautiful horses and a crew that consists of 48 riders, aerialists, dancers, musicians and acrobats, who all come together in one awe-inspiring performance. This is more than a horse show. It is the story of a man and his horse discovering the majestic landscapes of the Earth together, from the African Savanna to Easter Island.

The excitement of a Cavalia performance is often compared to the wonder of Cirque du Soleil, with double the horsepower and special effects. Odysseo is  truly a show that can be appreciated by all age groups.

See the website for more details about showtimes, location and ticket prices.

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