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The Top 5 Asian Grocery Stores in Mississauga

After moving to another country, getting accustomed to new foods is one of the biggest adjustments to make.

But if you come to Mississauga from any region of the vast continent of Asia, you won’t need to make that change! With plenty of Asian grocery stores offered throughout the city, it won’t be difficult to find the familiar tastes of home. Here are five of the best Asian grocery stores to check out in Mississauga!

T & T Supermarket

Located at 715 Central Parkway W. is T & T Supermarket, a popular store known for its cleanliness and its wide selection of South Asian goods.

Hungry? Enjoy a selection of ready to eat foods at the takeout counter including fresh spring rolls, sushi and soups.

A convenient location, ample parking and spacious interior only add to T & T Supermarket’s attraction! Inquire about the in-store rewards programs to start earning cashback on your purchases.

Uthayam Supermarket

Uthayam Supermarket offers popular Indian and Sri Lankan vegetable and grocery items plus a wide range of fresh meat and seafood offerings.

Hard to find items including Jasmine and Banana Leaf are plentiful at this 900 Rathburn Square, Rathburn Road W storefront.

With its unique features of authentic South Asian food, this store is one of a kind!

PAT Supermarket

Meticulously kept and well organized, PAT Supermarket – known as “Canada’s first Korean Supermarket” – is the go-to source for authentic Korean dishes and ingredients. The chain’s Mississauga location, located at 333 Dundas St. E., has ample parking as well as an online ordering system.

Healthy, fresh, affordable options include galbi, kimchi, bulgogi and bibimba in addition to fish-shaped cakes.

Seafood City Supermarket

Located at 800 Boyer Blvd. is Seafood City Supermarket, a leader when it comes to providing simple, tasty Asian food offerings delivered with friendly customer service. Its authentic Filipino snacks, expansive selection of seafood and plenty of fresh produce regularly draw a large crowd – so expect lineups!

The popular food court also features a Jollibee.

Al Premium Food Mart

Although it offers a vast selection of ocean and lake fish, Al Premium Food Mart (located at 888 Dundas St. E. Unit E5-7) doesn’t feature the typical fishy smell. Also enticing is the store’s reasonable prices, cleanliness and well-organized shelves.

Although smaller than some of its competitors, this south Asian grocery store claims its own place by offering an excellent selection of fresh products.

South Asian grocery stores are plentiful in Mississauga, and yet there is so much more to discover, too!

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By Sarah McKenzie

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