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Neighbourhood Feature Snapshot: Britannia Farm

Britannia Farm is soon going to be back in operation again – but not as a farm this time.

Instead, future plans for Britannia Farm, a 200-acre green space bordered by Hurontario Street, Bristol Road, McLaughlin Road and Matheson Boulevard, include an educational urban farm, wetlands, observation decks and a sugar bush – as well as an area designated for “mixed-use”.

Gifted Land Intended for Educational Purposes

When gifted to the Peel School Board from King William the Fourth in 1833, the condition was that the land is used for educational purposes.

Over the years, the land has been home to educational establishments and is where historic properties including the red brick Britannia Schoolhouse (c. 1870), Britannia Farmhouse (c. 1860 and 1870), two-storey Gardney-Dunton House (c. 1830) and Conniver Barn (c. 1880) are located.

Although the school board has brainstormed ideas for the land’s future plans before, plans always fell through due to a lack of finances.

Property’s Development Parcel Will Be unlike Any Other in Mississauga!

The plans include a 32-acre parcel of land that’s recently been rezoned from institutional to mixed use, (including residential). Located on the corner of Hurontario Street and Bristol, this parcel of land will provide an opportunity for the Board to generate some revenue to finance the rest of the project.

Once the Board decides to either lease or sell this unique parcel of land, the city will review studies and agreements – with new housing being a possibility.

Centrally located in the city, this development parcel could offer a variety of housing types including affordable housing. Located near the future site of the Hurontario LRT, its strategic location will provide easy access to Mississauga’s vibrant streets, shopping, schools and eateries.

The development parcel will blend in with the developed areas beyond the farmland. At the same time, it would provide more housing opportunities for Mississauga’s continued population growth.

And although situated close to the City Centre and highway access, residents in this area will be living adjacent to a green cultural heritage landscape.

This 32-acre parcel will soon be one of the most unique living situations offered in Mississauga!

Development Parcel Will be Education and Environment-Focused

Britannia Farm’s Master Plan proposed by the Board includes developments that will remain true to the King’s mandate.

The 168 acres of outdoor educational space will create a home for student-focused environmental and agricultural programs, including a famous sugar bush where maple syrup will be produced.

There were also be various trails, forest areas and observation areas throughout the site.

By Sarah McKenzie

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