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Decorating Tips for Short-Term Renters

Putting a personal touch on a short term rental may seem like a bit of a paradox. On one hand, you’re itching to decorate your space, to make it feel more like home. On the other hand, you want to make stylish changes that won’t break the bank because the space is not yours for long.

Here are six ways to decorate your temporary space that will add plenty of style, without compromising cost.

Add some puffy pillows

Much like you’d find at Platinum Suites, your apartment rental may have come fully furnished. If this is the case, you can still add your own personal touch by adding accent pillows on the furniture. Choose from some bold or wildly colourful pillows to brighten up the room and liven up your space.

Floor mats or area rugs

Inexpensive area rugs will make all the difference in your rental space. You can also roll them up and take them to your next residence when you’re done. Rugs can hide an unattractive floor or add colour without having to paint.

Add shelving or family photos

For the sake of a few screws in the wall, art shelves can make all the difference in adding some visuals to your walls. These shelves can house mementos, trinkets, or family photos without having to nail each individual piece to the wall. Please note that some design changes to a rented space should be approved by your landlord first, to avoid problems down the road.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

 An accent mirror or two displayed in your suite will really brighten up your home. You don’t even have to hang a mirror on the wall. If you find a tall mirror, you can lean it against a wall and it will expand your space and dress it up.

Get creative with Washi tape

This no-mess Japanese trend is inexpensive and can make designing your space a lot of fun. It involves removable tape that can be used to create designs on anything from walls to small décor items, and has a similar effect to wallpaper.

Add some throw blankets

 A colourful blanket neatly placed on a bed, or thrown over a couch can really add brightness to a dull room. However you choose to use it, blankets can add a sense of warmth.

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By Lisa Marie Brennan

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