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4 Haunted Locations in Mississauga

Sometimes, not everything is as it appears from the outside. 

A casual observer looking at some of Mississauga’s most popular restaurants and inns may never even consider that the location may be haunted. But upon hearing the history surrounding these sites, you may think again the next time you visit them! Here’s what you need to know about four of Mississauga’s reportedly most haunted sites.  

Cherry Hill House 

Haunted stories surround Cherry Hill House and one of its previous inhabitants during the 1800s, George Silverthorn.  

After searching for gold in California, Silverthorn returned to Cherry Hill House to be married. Following the wedding ceremony, guests were enjoying festivities when a knock came at the door. Silverthorn answered the door and went outside to talk to the visitor. However, he never returned – and no trace of him was ever found, either. 

Glen Erin Inn 

After the construction was complete in the 1930’s, the wealthy Watson family enjoyed summers at Glen Erin Inn. Not long after the home was built, Watson died.  

Over the years since, there have been numerous ghost sightings at the property. A common one involves a ghostly man who is dedicated to lighting the fireplace in the main hall.  

Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub 

It may not be just the alcoholic drinks that are causing you to hear things while socializing at Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub!  

Pub visitors have reported hearing a rattle coming from the basement – although the door or handle does not move.  

In the early 1900s, a disabled girl was trapped in the basement by her family whenever there were guests over. Over one hundred years later, the rattling sound you hear is reminiscent of someone trying to get out of the basement.  

Franklin House 

A séance held at Franklin House discovered that a young, friendly female ghost named Jessie lived onsite. From flicking the lights to arranging beer bottles on a pool table, there are many haunted stories to hear about her.  

The advice on dealing with Jessie when you see her? Leave her alone! 

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By Sarah McKenzie

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