Kimchi. Seafood pancakes. Bibimbap.

Is your mouth watering at the names of these traditional Korean foods?

If so, you’re in luck! Mississauga has so many amazing Korean restaurants that it won’t be difficult to find one nearby. To make it even easier, I’ve compiled my top favourite Mississauga Korean restaurants for you!

Wow Korean Restaurant (55 Dundas Street East)

If you’ve never had Korean food, Wow Korean Restaurant is a great place to start. The family-run restaurant’s atmosphere and friendly staff instantly make you feel comfortable the moment you walk inside.

Although it has an inconspicuous exterior, the restaurant offers some of the most authentic Korean dishes around. Featuring no MSG and only quality ingredients, Wow Korean Restaurant’s menu includes amazing spicy pork bulgogi and bibimbap.

Song Cook’s (1310 Dundas Street East)

Located in an unassuming plaza on Dundas by Dixie is Song’s Cook, a large restaurant catering to a more upscale meal experience. Perfect for business meetings or date nights, Song’s Cook always has the freshest foods ready to be enjoyed. The restaurant’s soups – well-known for being filled with tofu, seafood or pork – are a meal on their own. And their famous JTF Army Stew (aka Budae Jjigae) It has a unique twist and includes seasonal vegetables, sliced American cheese and instant noodles.

Beautifully decorated, the restaurant’s private, closed-off rooms make it the perfect space for entertaining large parties, too!

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (3085 Hurontario Street)

This authentic Korean restaurant offers large qualities of food full of tasty flavours. Its unique menu features one dish with ten different choices, each offering rarely priced at more than $10.00.

The staff, noted as always being welcoming and friendly, will aid you in making the perfect menu selection. Menu favourites include the soon tofu and beef and pork soups.

Whatever you decide, know that Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu will not leave your wallet or your stomach empty!

Miga Korean BBQ & Japanese Yakiniku (2382 Dundas Street West)

The trendy décor and contemporary scene inside Miga Korean BBQ & Japanese Yakiniku make it the perfect date night destination. Every table features a Korean tabletop barbeque that uses charcoal to strengthen meat flavours. Meat selections include Wagyu beef (flown in daily from Japan), Yang Nyum Galbi and premium beef tongue. Grilled to your own specifications, enjoy plenty of hot, marinated, juicy bites.

Other menu options include barbeque platters, stone pot dishes and more.

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By Sarah McKenzie